Bare Copper Earth Bars

Furse earth bars are an efficient and convenient way of providing a common earth point, with integral disconnecting links enabling easy isolation for testing purposes.

Standard Furse earth bars are available in a variety of lengths, but all consist of a 50 mm wide by 6 mm thick copper bar with M10 termination screws – standard product codes are provided.

Furse earth bars can be made to meet special requirements

Standard earth bars meet the majority of applications, however where a customer has a specific requirement, we can design and manufacture special earth bars and disconnecting links as appropriate. Special earth bar designs are provided for customer review and approval as required before manufacture.

Special earth bar design variables include:

  • Size and type of bolt, hex nut and washer
  • Length, width and thickness of earth bar
  • Number of disconnecting links, and their position
  • Number of insulators
  • Supplied with mounting base or without

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