Surge Protection

To minimise the risk of equipment damage and operational downtime AS1768 strongly recommends suitable surge protection devices (SPDs) be installed in the right location, in the proper manner, by trained personnel.

The global lightning protection industry has a large number of SPD manufacturers who often confuse decision makers with a multitude of specifications and performance data that enhance their product’s claims.

Tercel’s experienced personnel can help you choose the most effective solution, with SPDs to suit your environment, the location within a structure and the sensitivity of the equipment to be protected.

Our trained personnel will consider:

  • Historical activity levels of induced surges and transients at your site
  • The location of your equipment within a site or structure or network
  • The energy tolerance and voltage withstand levels of the equipment at risk
  • Performance ratings of various surge protection options
  • Existing earthing and equipotential bonding arrangements
  • The risk levels to the organisation and cost of lost operations
  • Cost of the SPD and availability of replacement parts and components