All lightning protection systems and HV/LV electrical, technical, communications and static control earthing systems should be fully inspected and tested by competent personnel, using calibrated test equipment on a regular basis.

AS1768-2007 recommends maintenance inspection and testing of a LPS be conducted at least every two years.

Tercel has experienced engineers and technicians across Australia with access to the latest measurement equipment.

Our trained personnel provide a complete service that includes:

  • Inspection of all conductors, joints and parts of the system
  • Continuity testing across conductors and the total system
  • Earth resistance testing on individual electrodes and the complete system
  • Soil resistivity testing and analysis for new earthing systems
  • Step and touch voltage testing on HV electrical earthing systems
  • Detailed reports on the condition of the system under test or inspection, with photos and recommendations plus costings on the works required
  • Updates to existing drawings or records or creation of these documents for future reference