Earthing Systems

Earthing systems play a vital role in dangerous lightning discharges.

Earthing systems play a vital role in a co-ordinated protection system by providing a safe path to ground for dangerous lightning discharges.

Effective earthing systems for electrical distribution systems, communications networks and high risk processing and storage facilities are also critical to ensuring the safety of persons, the correct operation of sensitive equipment and the safe dissipation of static charge.

Tercel is an industry leader in the design, supply, installation, testing and certification of earthing systems of:

  • Lightning protection systems (LPS)
  • HV earthing systems
  • Static control earthing systems
  • Telecommunications earthing systems

Tercel’s experts can:

  • Conduct site soil resistivity measurements for the design of new earthing systems
  • Design earthing systems for any application, including equipotential bonding
  • Advise on the best materials to use in different ground and environmental conditions
  • Supply all materials needed for installation
  • Inspect and test the condition of existing earthing systems
  • Test static earthing