Earth Rod Seal Kit

The Furse earth rod seal is designed for use with clean, smooth Type ‘A’ damp proof membranes as defined by BS EN 13967, without the need for adhesive, sealant or mastic. For uneven, textured or tanking damp proof membranes, if installed or where hydro-static conditions exist, adhesive, sealant or mastic should be applied.

When specifying a Furse earth rod seal, ensure that all relevant components are ordered – earth rod assembly, seal pack, seal tube, accessory spanner set and lightweight inspection pit. The accessory spanner set may be used for multiple earth rod seal installations.

Additionally, please specify the correct size of earth rod seal pack for the earth rod, and the correct length of protective seal tube when ordering.

Product details

  • Earth rod seal mates with the inspection pit and seal tube
  • High impact ABS seal tube allows the earth rod to pass directly through the slab into the ground
  • The earth rod seal pack comprises compression rings & nitrile rubber ‘O’ rings
  • Membrane seal creates a watertight seal between damp proof membrane and the seal tube
  • Membrane seal torque spanner set enables tightening of the membrane seal to a damp proof membrane to 25 Nm torque, creating an effective watertight seal


  • IEC/BS EN 62561-5

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