FurseCEM Conductive Backfill

Certain ground conditions make it difficult to obtain a very low earth resistance, which can be required for some particular installations. For such cases, FurseCEM™ (CM035 and CM040) provides a convenient and permanent solution.

When FurseCEM™ is added in place of sand and aggregate to cement, a conductive concrete is formed. If then applied as a backfill for earth electrodes, FurseCEM™ will reduce resistance by making contact with the electrode and surrounding soil.

This gives this electrically conductive concrete to be used in many earthing applications, but it is primarily used within power generation and distribution, rail, underground and transport networks, telecommunication sites and defence facilities.

Features & benefits:

  • Suitable for use in boreholes and trenches, can be provided on its own or pre-mixed with cement
  • Fast-drying for quick and easy installation
  • Chemically inert and completely non-corrosive, so will not in any way damage earth electrodes, steelwork or concrete
  • Reduces drilling, saves on earthing materials and requires no expensive maintenance
  • Permanent resistivity that will remain constant over the life of the installation without the requirement for maintenance


  • IEC/BS EN 62561-7

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